Per ardua ad astra

"getting the wind knocked out of you is the only way to remind your lungs how much they like the taste of air"
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Amnesty International FED UP after being turned away at the Ferguson protest. (or before either way)






a good omens AU where everything is the same but the bentley turns everything into taylor swift

#but imagine the demons trying to contact crowley in TAYLOR SWIFTS VOICE


#she’s cheer captain and i’m- LORD BEELZEBUB

you’ll be the prince and I’ll be the princess it’s a love story baby Y O U   C A N   H O P E   F O R   N O T H I N G   B U T   T H E   M E R C Y   O F   H E L L

“Bebop,” sniffed Aziraphale.

(Source: subbsole)


Mars as seen by Rosseta during a gravity assist

Leonids from Leo
Is Leo leaking? Leo, the famous sky constellation visible on the left of the above all-sky photograph, appears to be the source of all the meteors seen in 1998’s Leonids Meteor Shower.
Credit: Juraj Toth (Comenius U. Bratislava), Modra Observatory
❝ We were not destined to survive. The fact is, we were not destined at all. The war would take what it could get. It was patient. It didn’t care about objectives, or boundaries, whether you were loved by many or not at all. While I slept that summer, the war came to me in dreams and showed me its sole purpose: to go on, only to go on. And I knew the war would have its way.

— "The Yellow Birds", Kevin Powers (via messwithanameandaprice)